Welcome to Happy Home Professional Organizer, LLC - a company devoted to helping families by providing personalized organizational solutions to create order and beauty in your home so that you are less stressed and overwhelmed, saving you money, and redeeming your most valuable commodity - your time.Untidy spaces can leave you frustrated and stressed. My team of professionals will bring order and peace to your home by creating efficient systems and teaching you maintainable practices that give you back your time and free up your space.I am currently accepting in-person clients in Destin, 30A, & Niceville and I can't wait to meet you and help make your home your happy place!

Personal Home

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  • Kitchens

  • Pantries

  • Laundry Rooms

  • Closets

  • Craft Rooms

  • Play Rooms

  • Unpack from a move

  • Set up and take down of holiday decor

  • Virtual help

  • If you have a space not on this list, please ask!

1 Organizer - $60/hr (3 hr session minimum)
2 Organizers - $100/hr (3 hr session minimum)
3 Organizers - $130/hr (3 hr session minimum)
** See FAQs for any additional costs.
Ready to create your happy home? Have questions?! CONNECT WITH ME!

Luxury Vacation home kitchens

By adding personalized organizational solutions, every drawer and cupboard can be eye-catching, your kitchen can have a simple flow to cook with ease, and each guest and cleaner can know exactly where to locate and put away every item in your kitchen!This level of organization and beauty within the kitchen will give you and your guests an over the top vacation experience full of relaxation, peace and memories. The mood stays up when the easy-to-find bottle opener helps pop the bubbly, when all cookware is within an arms reach of the stovetop to sauté the days catch, and when there are always enough matching dishes to set a beautiful table!

Deodorize all cupboards and drawers
- Pull it all out and wipe them clean. No dust, no crumbs, just fresh and clean!
Organize all cupboards and drawers
- Create a unique and systematic flow to your kitchen so you and your house guests can easily find and cook with the items in your kitchen.
- Put items away so that they are easy to see and quick to grab. No rearranging necessary to get the needed item.
- Add containers to separate different utensils so that it is quick to find what you are looking for. The containers add simplicity, functionality, and beauty to the drawers!
Create a map of the kitchen
- Vacationers are seeking ease of life while on vacation; this map will direct them to everything in the kitchen to save them time going from drawer to drawer or guessing where things are put away!
Label all cupboards and drawers
- Any guest or cleaner will know exactly where to put everything away when looking inside the drawers and cupboards, every time, no questions asked! All guests will experience the same level of luxury!
- All labels go inside of the drawer and cupboards.
Check inventory of all items so that you know exactly what you have in stockShop for any items that need replaced or updated
- Accidents happen and sometimes an item gets broken. I can save you the time to shop & ship items for you. This way your vacation home is stocked and ready for the next guest or your own visit!

If all of these services will help your vacation home I have a bundle for you! If you only need the labeling and map, we can do it a la carte!CONNECT WITH ME and we can make sure your vacation home is top notch and repeatable before the busy season arrives!330.705.7723



Is there a space in your home that is constantly is untidy? Are you constantly wasting time searching for items?Does your vacation home kitchen always seem in disarray when you visit? Are guest calling asking where items are located?If you answered yes to any of these questions, fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you!



What is a professional organizer?
A professional organizer is someone who resets spaces by and reducing clutter and developing customized systems of organization. The systems will be designed so they are manageable for you, and help you to feel in control and happy in your own place.
Why should I hire a professional organizer?
Chaos and mess cause stress. It is that simple. Disorganization can rob you of your time, money, productivity, and happiness in your own home. Just like a personal trainer can help create a manageable fitness regime for your bodies health, a professional organizer can create management systems in your home for more happiness and productivity in your space.
Do I need to be present when the organizer is working?
I can work this a few ways. I am willing to work with you the whole time if that is most comfortable to you. We can work through the process together. If you are not available the whole time that is fine too, I can simply set aside questionable items and we can go through them together toward the end of your session. I will never discard anything without your consent.
How long will it take?
As for time, it is difficult to give estimate on time before seeing the space because no two jobs and no two clients are the same. For example, some clients can make decisions about their items easily while other need a little more time. During the free consultation, I can give you an estimated number of hours for the project after looking at pictures you have sent me.
What is the cost?
After connecting with me, we will set up a 30 min FREE facetime consultation. For your sessions, Happy Home Professional Organizer charges an hourly rage of:
$60/hr for 1 organizer
$100/hr for 2 organizers
$130/hr for 3 organizers.

The minimum session length is 3 hours.
Venmo or Zelle are the preferred payment methods, but credit cards are accepted. All credit card payments will inquire a 4% processing fee.
Additional Costs/Services.
As I organize your space, there may be a need to purchase shelves, baskets, containers, file folders, etc. I will work to use what you currently have, or find the items that work the best with your space and are within your comfortable price range. I am happy to save you the time and energy and do the shopping and purchasing for you at the cost of the products + my time. Or, you are welcome to take care of the shopping and have it present when I arrive.
A Happy Home Professional Organizer will travel Monday thru Friday thirty minutes each way. Any travel time will be charged the hourly rate. For Saturday & Sunday sessions drive time is included in the hourly rate. When travel fees apply, any tolls will be charged to the client, as well. Happy Home Professional Organizer alone reserves the right to waive any travel fees.Donations.
As a part of quality service, if needed, Happy Home Professional Organizer will take one carload per session of your discarded items to a local charity. Additional trips will be charged half the hourly rate.
What should I expect during the organizing session?
I believe in the happiness and power that comes from all things having a place, so that is where we will finish. In order to get there, it will get messier before it becomes neater. After the initial assessment where we have prioritized your goals and identified the areas of focus, Happy Home Professional Organizer will work start pulling it all out and begin assessing a system. Prioritizing is the next step, we will work to identify what to keep, what to give away, and what to repurpose, etc. Remember it will get messier before it gets better, and I will ultimately re-create the space so that it functions better for your daily use. With all the items have have been slotted to keep, I will then give them a place to be. In order for all items to have a place there may be a need to repurpose or purchase new shelves, boxes, baskets, containers, etc. Through our session we will work to create systems that will help you maintain your space and bring happiness to your life.
Release of information.
At our session I will take before and after photos to refer back to and for my records. I will never your the use of the photos for public viewing without your written consent. And if you feel you have benefited from my service, please don’t keep me from your friends!
How can I get started?
Reach out right away by clicking the link on the CONTACT page to connect with me! Tell me what you are looking for and we will set up a FREE 30 min consultation.
Cancellation Policy
I will do my best to send out a reminder text the day before the session, however it is the responsibility of the client to actively cancel a session if it becomes necessary.
If the cancellation is 72 or more hours before the appointment, there is no cancellation fee. Please reach out via phone call, to avoid any technological issues.If the cancellation is less than 72 hours the client will be charged for half of the session hours.For any last minute cancellation, such as the day of our scheduled session, including a no-show or inability to work, and hasn’t called, the full session will be charged.Sick Children don’t tell us they are sick until it happens, that is both mine and yours. Please let me know if your children fall sick asap within the 72 hr period, and I will be respectful in the same way. If this occurs we will reschedule asap.Happy Home Professional Organizer alone reserves the right to waive any cancellation fees.Preparation Misconceptions.
When you feel like your space is out of control, you are overwhelmed on where to start, and your containers are overflowing, that is the perfect time for help! Please refrain from cleaning up before an assessment or session. It is the most helpful to be able to see your home in the mortal, lived in state.